• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Check Out My $0 Short Film “DOPAMINE” Shot On Ultra 16mm Film

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Nearly a year ago I modified my Arri SRII film camera to Ultra 16mm, and set out to take some test shots with it. Instead of just capturing random images, I figured why not set up a little short film to see how the camera would perform on a “real” set.

As I wrote about in this article, the shoot was super unconventional and took place over just 6 hours. We intended to shoot two full 400ft rolls of 16mm film, but due to a technical issue could only shoot a single roll… Still, we managed to capture 90% of what was planned and ultimately get it in the can.

Then, I put the film on a shelf for a while as the pandemic had hit and other priorities took over. But I revisited the film in fall for a very quick post-production process, which I talk about in this blog post.

The film has been done for a while, but I’m just publishing it online now as things have been so busy over the past few months. In any case, if you’d like to watch the experiment, check it out below!

This is what $0, one can of film, and a few friends pulled together in 6 hours. If you enjoy the film, please “like” it on YouTube with a thumbs up so other people can find it too.

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